“The Shadow Over Innsmouth” – Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Thoroughly freaked out, Robert Olmstead attempts to quit the town; although, this proves more difficult than anticipated. Might as well stay the night at the Gilman. Part 4.1 of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.”

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Special thanks to the talented artists that helped tell this story.


This podcast uses the following sounds from freesound.org & other sources:
"Suspense Loop" by Scrampunk licensed under CCBY 4.0
"door bolt 4.wav" by FenrirFangs licensed under CC0
"Thoughts.wav" by Lost_Dream licensed under CCBY 4.0
"Dark Synth Drone Action Mood Atmo Cinematic Film Music.wav" by szegvari licensed under CC0
"banging on door" by iamadam19 licensed under CC0
"Golpes puerta.mp3" by aranchasan licensed under CC0
"Kicking/Forcing/Breaking Wooden Door" by qubodup licensed under CC0
"door wood kick open rattle creak.wav" by kyles licensed under CC0
"sfk barging down door.mp3" by DBKEEBLER licensed under CCBY 3.0
"break_through_blocked_door.aiff" by nothayama licensed under CCBY 3.0
"Down the Gutter - Fear the Eldritch II" by Coltrin Compositions licensed with artist's permission

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