“The Horror at Martin’s Beach” by Sonia Greene & H.P. Lovecraft

An unknown marine creature is discovered near the Florida coast. A collaboration by Greene & Lovecraft.

Special thanks to the talented artists who helped tell this story.


This podcast uses the following sounds from freesound.org & other sources:
"Unlike Home - Fear The Eldritch" by Coltrin Compositions licensed with artist's permission
"Whale.wav" by Tritus licensed under CCBY 3.0
"Long howl) whale and monster.wav" by J.R.Mythical licensed under CC0
"atlantic storm.wav" by bruno.auzet licensed under CC0
"Thunderstorm" by regosss licensed under CC0
"Monster Roar 2.wav" by quadraslayer licensed under CC0   
"thunder clap.wav" by Shades licensed under CC Sampling+
"Thunder Clap OWB KY 441x16.wav" by Dave Welsh licensed under CC0            

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