“The Masque of the Red Death” by Edgar Allan Poe

A mysterious disease threatens to destroy humanity, while the Prince and his friends abandon theirs in pursuit of pleasure, comfort, and the most voluptuous party ever conceived.

Special thanks to the talented artists who helped tell this story.


This podcast uses the following sounds from freesound.org & other sources:
"Carmen - Habanera (Piano Version) Georges Bizet Cover" by Myuu licensed under CCBYNC 3.0
"Unspoken" by Myuu licensed under CCBYNC 3.0
"Misconception (Piano Version)" by Myuu licensed under CCBYNC 3.0
"darkbell.wav" by davinci79 licensed under CC0
"amazed 0_30q" by Setuniman licensed under CCBYNC 4.0   

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